Why Use Swimbands?

Our swim bands are simply 18 inches of colored elastic that are held together by a breakaway clip.  They are worn around the neck to serve as identification tools and are mainly used by swimming pools, camps, and youth organizations but are in no way limited to pool use…

Colored elastic necklaces are easy to see.

Lifeguards can easily spot color-coded swimbands and act quickly to move a non-swimmer to a safer area. Swimbands are more durable than colored wristbands, which are difficult for lifeguards to see and have to be replaced daily.

Swimbands are more affordable than colored swim caps.

Caps can cost about $3.00 each and most children won’t wear them.

Children can be encouraged to develop the character trait of RESPONSIBILITY.

Once they earn their deep-water bands, they are responsible for bringing them with them to the pool.

Swimbands are easily implemented into your program.

With nineteen colors to choose from, you can create a color-coded system to meet your specific program needs.

There Are Many Uses For Swimbands

The majority of our customers use our elastic necklaces for identifying different swimmer ability levels.

Here are some ways that different pools are currently using our swimbands:

Assign a color for each area of the pool

  • Swimmers and Non-swimmers
  • Non-swimmer, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Only provide swimbands for those swimmers ready for deep water independent swimming.
  • Develop a tracking system to track children who have earned deep-water bands.  Once they earn their band, let them be responsible for bringing their bands to the pool each day.
  • What if someone forgets his or her swimband?  Let them rent a “guest” band.  Or charge them for a new one.  Some facilities charge as much as $3.00 for replacement bands.

Use different colors to differentiate between different groups

  • Members and Campers
  • Pool Parties
  • Visitors and Guests

Our elastic neckbands aren’t just for pools

  • Use them to designate different groups at day camp or after school care.
  • Swimbands make great hall passes at after school care.
  • They are also great to use on field trips and other outings that campers may take.  You can easily spot the members of your group when they are wearing our colored necklaces.

The possibilities are endless!

We Offer 19 Different Colors

You can easily set up a color-coded system to meet your specific program needs!

With eleven different colors to choose from, you can easily set up a color-coded system and utilize in any way you see fit.








Neon Green













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Breakaway clips come standard on all of our necklaces.


$0.81 each for 50-999
$0.79 each for 1000-4999
$0.77 each for 5000 or more


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“WOW – These bands are really cool.”

I dont really know what else to say. I have used swimbands to “mark” our swimmers for over three years and they are much easier to see than bracelets. – Adam Lewis